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The easiest way to take care of your female employees’ health is to team up with Vara.

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Your employees are your most valuable assets and ensuring their health should be your priority.


There is no end in sight - Breast Cancer in India is reaching alarming proportions.

Every 8 minutes, one woman dies of breast cancer in India, the most common cancer for females. 50% of breast cancers are detected in late stages which if detected early can lead to savings of up to 1.36 billion INR in treatment costs.

This is only one reason why breast cancer screening should be on every corporate health plan’s priority list – just like diabetes or hypertension.

With Vara, you can provide the highest quality breast cancer screening to every beneficiary in your health plan.


Vara is an AI solution embedded into the screening processes of various high-quality clinics

Vara has multiple high-quality partner screening centers to provide AI-based screening to women all across Mumbai. The AI was trained on over 9 million images in Germany, and increases the level of accuracy and confidence of the radiologists in their assessments.


Various retrospective studies show that Vara is able to detect cancers that would have been missed by radiologists who do not benefit from the AI.

Read more here.

Vara can integrate data-driven screening into your health plan

Any organization can integrate Vara’s AI-based breast cancer screening service into their health plan - like any other medical service. Once the integration is complete, all female employees above the age of 40 are eligible for annual mammography screening immediately.

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Using Vara can reduce medical expenses for your organization and increases longevity for women

Vara finds cancers that may easily be missed by the human eye - finding more breast cancers early means reducing treatment costs and increasing the likelihood of survival for the women. Vara also predicts harmless cases with a high certainty, which further reduces expenses by reducing unnecessary follow-up assessments.

Vara helps raise corporate awareness within partner organizations

We know it is difficult to convince a large number of beneficiaries to undergo screening - but we also know how important it is. In collaboration with experienced doctors and corporate representatives, we have devised effective methods for running awareness campaigns at our partner organizations. This ensures that any organization’s commitment to the health of their workforce and wellbeing translates to actual mammography screenings taking place.


With Vara, you can provide the highest quality medical services to every beneficiary in your health plan with minimum effort.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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Partner Contact

Varun Mundra

Head of Growth - India

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